Football Management Games

Football Management Games – For those that like to sit back and watch the action unfold at their behest

To Manage is to Experience

I have to admit that my favourite genre of game is far from the sporting world, laying firmly in the first-person shooter category, but we’re on a football and/or soccer game site, so I’d better keep it relevant, hadn’t I? I actually enjoy spending my time playing football games that don’t force the whole sport and its ridiculous rules on me at once; such games are ones that isolate the good bits like Free Kick Games and Volley Challenge Games. What if you don’t even want to dabble in the mid-pitch action at all, though? Well, Football Management games could very well be the answer to the very specific question of “What is there here for me if I don’t enjoy running around the pitch or being in charge of a football career?”.

Ultimate of Ultimates

Flash-based games of football management are actually not all that common, but one developer that does have the monopoly on the genre is Mousebreaker, and if there is any developer in the world that I trust with bringing me some hot, steaming entertainment, it is undoubtedly this one. Its series of football management games is pretty much unparalleled in the flash-based football world. Check out the most recent offering, Ultimate Football Management 2012/2013, in which you get to worry about the club’s inner workings such as its finances, transfers, and other particulars pertaining to the general looking after of a football club, without ever actually having to get your hands dirty with all grass and mud on the pitch.

For those that really fancy a delve into the Spanish leagues, then Ultimate Football Management Spain allows you to enjoy the same quality of gameplay as the standard versions, only this time you get to test your management skills with the Spanish teams instead.