Free Kick Games

Free Kick Games – If your passing or dribbling isn’t up to scratch, why not hammer them at the goal instead?

Forget about the Offside Rule

No matter what stereotype you believe about footballers, football is somewhat of a complex sport in terms of the variety of techniques involved. If you’re going to involve yourself in a full-on football game as a newcomer to the sport/game then you’re going to have to get to grips with all of the rules as well as the passing, dribbling, and the rest of the skills involved in getting the ball from one end of the pitch to the other. What if you never had to worry about all the other garbage, though? What if free kicks were all you had to concern yourself with? More importantly, what if you never had to bother with worrying about the offside rule? These Free Kick Games take away this worry and bring you nothing but ball-in-net action.

Go On, You Know You Want To

If you’re a whore for polished graphics and a smooth look, then Euro Free Kick may just what the doctor ordered, though you should question his medical qualifications if he’s prescribing you football for any kind of malaise. In the event that you prefer substance over style, then Addicta Kicks will allow you to get involved with a bit of spin and swerve control as you try to beat the defenders in a series of levels that escalate in difficulty as you progress. Baggios Magical Free Kicks is a title that is similar to Addicta Kicks, though the graphics are relatively basic and the experience is almost identical in practice.

Free Kick Fusion may be your best bet at an instantly-accessible free kick game since it has a more arcade-like style whereby you begin with a certain number points that diminish over time, encouraging you to be swift about your shots and accurate with the ball.