Jumpers for Goal Posts 4

Jumpers for Goalposts 4 – Immersive football action bringing you managerial responsibility and challenging pitch-based skills scenarios


Gone are the days when games could simply pass off some shallow, kick-score-repeat football action as a solid football title; fans these days want a little more from their sporting titles, which is why Jumpers for Goalposts 4 is back with more content than ever, giving you some hands-on experience of a football career and testing your mouse-controlled football skills to the maximum. 

Entertainment You Can Take to the Bank

If you feel that you are being short-changed of the full football experience by many flash-based football games, then this is probably because you are. Many games focus too closes on just one aspect of football and forget that much of the important events actually take place outside of the stadium. Jumpers for Goalposts 4 is a title that will shower you in managerial responsibility, career progression, and resources management in addition to throwing you into matches at the most crucial points. A game doesn’t get to 4 series instalments without having something special to offer, so give it a try and watch your free time evaporate like your respect for Brad Pitt did a few seconds into the shower of monochrome pretention that was the Chanel advert he starred in, and much like he did for making the advert, you can take that to the bank.

Contractual Agreements

The ultimate goal in Jumpers for Goalposts 4 is the same as it has been since the series’ original title, which is to acquire the spoils of a professional football career by working your way from the very bottom of football insignificance to the absolute peak of the profession by putting in hours of skills training, making your mark at crucial moments in matches, and taking care of business in your personal life as well. The game doesn’t focus on any one aspect of football, and instead succeeds quite well at bringing you in on the broader experience of being a football star. As a young, undiscovered player, you must first get your ass on the shabby-looking practise pitch to practice your skills until a club offers you a contract; then, and only then can you begin to make your mark on the world of football slash soccer (nonstandard use of the word slash here is courtesy of Dictionary.com’s recent app-based article on the same subject).

The Rise and Rise (and Possibly Fall)

Your rise to football stardom is entirely dependent on how you go about playing the game. In order to please your manager and improve your skills you must train regularly and focus sharply on your career. The act of training is the main way you can improve your reputation in the early stages of the game. Your training consists of taking control of the player and performing different moves such as volleys, overhead kicks, free kicks, penalties, turn and shoot, headers, and snap shots, all of which are controlled with the mouse in various ways that briefly (often too much so) explained in the game. Successfully completing each of the skills will earn you small numbers of points that increase your worth to various clubs. The better you are at your skills, the better contractual opportunities you will receive from the higher-quality clubs in the league.

Of course, your rise to stardom requires that you are more than just a good pair of boots on the pitch; you must also manage your affairs behind the scenes as well. One of the biggest propellers of you career is your agent, many of which can be hired in the game. A good agent is a worthwhile investment as they are responsible for improving your reputation and also negotiating better contract deals for you.

It’s a bit Personal

Professional considerations aren’t the only factor in your journey to the top: after you cement yourself as a successful footballer with lots of potential, you can then focus on buying expensive cars, properties, and other materialistic pursuits in order to improve your appearance and make it more likely that girls will want you. Your conduct in your personal life becomes a factor in your reputation, and your relationships with your agent, teammates, and you girlfriend are even a factor. In this manner, Jumpers for Goalposts 4 truly is remarkably detailed in the dimensions of football it offers you.

 From Jumpers to Real Posts

Whether you’re looking for a bit of management fun, or some cheeky pitch-based antics, then Jumpers for Goalposts from Mousebreaker will likely hold your interest for quite some time. Its mixture of managing your off-the-field activities with commentary-based matches that allow you to take control when a goal is about to be scored is extremely effective. The game’s aesthetics may be a little adherent to flash-game basics, but the gameplay speaks for itself.