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Jumpers for Goal Posts 5 Game has not yet been developed, but why not read some speculation on the confirmed sequel below, or play one of our other Head Soccer Games below:

Jumpers for Goalposts 5 – Looking forward to the future at prospective sequel features and improvements

Beethoven Probably Had Trouble With His Fifth Too

The Jumpers for Goalposts series of football management-style titles have proved to have quite the legs, if you’ll pardon the pun. From the beginnings of the relatively basic aesthetics and barebones features of the original, it has progressed through three sequels, with Jumpers for Goalposts 4 looking like the latter of a ‘before and after’ transformation , boasting a significantly improved design, a hefty range of new skills to train for, and features like hiring an agent in order to help you with your passage to the top. There has been some chatter on Mousebreaker’s blog about Jumpers for Goalposts 5 which the developers have been working on in parallel to yet another title called Jumpers for Goalposts 90’s. This latter game is going to be hitting the internet even sooner than the former, so I may just go ahead and speculate about both ,and reel off some solid information about Jumpers for Goalposts 90s that will be sure to at least stir some mild excitement in fans of the series out there.

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I would hope many would join me in my unwavering opinion that in spite of the fairly impressive aesthetical development that the series has made since the original, it still looks and feels a little like a game created by someone that has just finished Adobe Flash school, with colours, textures and the general design coming straight out of the early stages of the Adobe Flash Game handbook, if such a thing were to exist. The design of the game has only really received minor improvements, when really by its fourth title should be substantially more impressive than it currently is. The league table still looks a bit like a basic graph from Microsoft Word, and the players during the skills section of the matches don’t really look that great either. Jumpers for Goalposts 5 therefore needs a substantial graphics overhaul to bring some much needed professional polish to it.


There are only so many different football skills you can include in a game, particularly in one that already allows you to get involved in 8 of them including volleys, free kicks, penalties, snapshots, and overhead kicks. Perhaps this time around instead of adding to the repertoire of different techniques, Mousebreaker should refine the ones that are already there. Though the skills have developed and improved in their format and execution throughout the series, they still feel a little rushed, with jerky movements that respond poorly to the controls.

 Perhaps it is a difficulty issue, but I know many other players that have complained about the volleys and snapshots in particular, both of which seem nearly impossible to master, even when you’re convinced that you’ve got the foot on the ball. The physics involved in the skills could definitely be improved, as could the interface that explains them. Perhaps there should be an optional dynamic indicator for each of the skills that indicated the point where you should roughly be making contact with the ball in the volleys, as well as the difficult headers and snapshots.

90s Throwback

Ok, now this isn’t actually speculation, since it has actually been confirmed by Mousebreaker themselves, but the soon-to-be-released Jumpers for Goalposts 90s will feature an entirely retro design that takes us back to the way the world used to look before people gained the benefit of hindsight and realised just how terrible the 90s actually were. Moreover, the game is going to take us back to the past and allow the clubs to develop and decline as they did in real (non-flash-animated) life. From the screenshots, it looks as if the clothes and the hairstyles are all authentically from the dark period of modern history that is the 90s, and you can even get ‘Ulreeka Johnson’ as a girlfriend (it’s not quite Ulrika, but it’ll do for a cheap substitute). The game is also said to be “coming soon” on the blog, so it isn’t likely that we will be waiting very long for it to be released.

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