New Star Soccer Game

New Star Soccer – Award-winning football management madness for your browser

Football Surgery

There’s nothing wrong with football games that have you traipsing around the field, essentially playing a game of foot tennis that occasionally ends up in goal before the repetitive passing, shooting and scoring happens all over again in the next match, and the next, and the next. Well, I guess when I put it like that, it sounds less appealing than watching a game of curling, but that’s the contrast I’m trying to draw between the standard football game that cycles match after match with New Star Soccer, a game that surgically removes all of the frankly unnecessary parts of the sport that take place in the middle of the pitch and deals with only the exciting stuff: scoring goals, passing to players to score goals, and intercepting players that are trying to score goals. That’s right, I’m saying that the only interesting thing about football is when a goal is about to be scored, and New Star Soccer puts you right there when it’s about to happen, working pitch time around an in-depth football management scenario with additional arcade mode to refine your on-pitch talents. Problem? Fill out a comments card and I’ll be sure never to get back to you.

Career Considerations

The main source of footballing fun in New Star Soccer is in its career mode where you take control of the career of a single player in an almost RPG-like manner, performing skills such as passing, shooting, and intercepting balls in order to get noticed by a club and get yourself signed, leading you into a world of career management and skills refinement with regular flashes of pitch time, skills upgrades bought with your wages, and the opinions of your manager and teammates being as much of a consideration as winning games. The aim is to train and refine your skills and build yourself a reputation formidable enough for better clubs to notice you and offer you bigger and better opportunities to play for them. Only when you are earning the big money and buying houses before you even sit down for breakfast can you consider yourself a star.

Pitch Perfect

The on-pitch time in New Star Soccer isn’t a full, 90-minutes simulation of match play that you see in games like EA’s Fifa 13; the game instead follows matches with a listed commentary and throws you into the middle of the action when a goal-scoring opportunity arises, requiring you to pass to a crucial player, hammer in a belter from 60 yards away, or curl the ball around a defender to sneak it gently into the net. You use your mouse to click and draw backwards, resulting in an indicator arrow that tells you the direction and power of the shot after which you are presented with the ball on which you can click where you want to make contact with it. This detailed kicking mechanic is something that differentiates New Star Soccer from the straight-up click-to-shoot competition such as Jumpers for Goalposts.

 Managerial Maelstrom

New Star Soccer from Simon Read is a fantastic game of football management that blends together the best (and only the necessary) parts of on-the-pitch action with management of your resources such as your wages, skills upgrades, personal life, and even getting a girlfriend to boost your happiness. Cutting out all of the boring and repetitive passing and throw-ins that 90% of all football matches are usually comprised of allows for the game to bring you the exciting 10% of football that is actually interesting, whilst asking of you the responsibility of juggling your career from amateur to well-paid professional.