Sports Heads Soccer Championship Game

Sports Heads Football Championship – More huge-headed football action that’s better than ever before

Heady Topper

Macrocephaly is no laughing matter, unless of course it’s in a flash-based game that takes the sport of football, fires all but one of the players from both teams, plonks them right in the middle of a mini football pitch, and drops a ball in from a height to watch each player scrambling to gain possession of the ball so that they can knock it into the net with a head that the medical profession would deem as unnaturally large. That’s the whole point of the Sports Heads series, though, which is to bring a variety of sports into the flash-light by giving them an amusing design and instantly-enjoyable, quick-fire gameplay. The original Sports Heads: Football showed us that all this waiting around and jogging about on a large pitch is simply pointless, and that the sport of football can actually be more entertaining if you just strip it down to the act of scoring goal after goal with just two players on the pitch. It may be a little revolutionary for the FA, but here in the flash world, it’s just what we need to remedy the other 89 minutes of pointless boredom that is symptomatic your standard football match.


Gameplay in this championship edition of the much-loved Mousebreaker series is largely similar to the original in that you are a single player pitted against a single opponent on the opposite side of the pitch and must scramble frantically to score as many goals as possible against your opponent while also trying to concede as few goals as is possible before the match ends. For all intents and purposes, it is pretty much based on the premise of regular football, only with a tennis-like back-and-forth pace and exaggerated head size, both of which are missing from the traditional sport of football. Power-ups also pop up during each round as well, as well as other interfering factors such as streakers bouncing around the pitch, which sits in an enclosure with a ceiling that isn’t dissimilar to the random of arrangement of objects seen in pinball machines.

Fresh Features

Some games attempt to get away with implementing as few changes as possible in their sequels, but Mousebreaker wouldn’t stand for this kind of cheating. The game has undergone an overhaul in terms of the format of you progression through it. Instead of simply going up against about 8 players of increasing difficult, you now choose your favourite team at the outset and play through a league table as would be the procedure in a real championship. The core elements of the game remain the same, as do the directional arrow controls that control your movement and the spacebar that allows you to kick the ball. In fact, the core elements of the gameplay that made the original so addictive remain, but are now arranged in a more football-like league table style.

In addition to power-ups such as enlarged player size, freezing the opposing player, and shrinking increasing the bounciness of the ball, you can now purchase upgrades at the end of each match with the wages you earn during them. Upgrades include increasing your back-track speed so that you can catch up with the ball if it rolls behind you, or an increase in the opponent’s goal size, and other abilities like the power of your kick and your general speed. Matches now also come in the form of a first-to-7 goals or the most numbers of goals scored in one minute.

Like the Original, Only Better

Sports Heads Football Championship is every bit as entertaining as its predecessor, and includes a new format and upgrade opportunities, both of which offer an incredible amount of longevity to the gameplay and just make everything a little more interesting. Even though there are very few improvements to the graphics, the game is still one of the best-looking titles in its very narrow genre, so let’s all have a laugh at the giant heads rattling about on the screen before we remember that macrocephaly is a serious and debilitating medical condition that must be treated as such outside of the realm of flash games.