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Striker Games – Lock down your shooting technique with games that focus on all things striking

Strike it Luckly

Have you ever tried to sit through a whole season of a football management game? If you have done so successfully, you are either a dedicated fan of the sport already, or you fell asleep and woke up when it was all over. I have a general scepticism about football as a sport and would thusly never watch a match that didn’t involve sitting in a bar with my friends, and even then this is more out of necessity and the football is essentially collateral damage I must take for being able to socialise with my sport-loving chums. Even as a doubter of the sport, however, I most definitely enjoy a bit of flash-based simulation of it from time to time. While I don’t indulge in full-on football frenzies like FIFA 2014, I do like it when I get to do the exciting stuff, which is almost exclusively the striking of the ball towards the net, which the below striking games are packed to the brim with.

Have a Dabble

Perhaps the most famous of all the striker games we have is the award-winning New Star Soccer, which in addition to its enjoyable career simulation, pops you right in the middle of the action when on-pitch opportunities to score a goal arise, and also allows you to create a few of these opportunities yourself. Managing your young football star’s career is of course the main function, but the unique shooting mechanism used allows you to control the direction of the ball as well as tap anywhere you want on it in order to apply spin and swerve, which is enough to sell me on the game completely.

More career progression can be experienced in the Jumpers for Goalposts series, the most recent title in which is Jumpers for Goalposts 4. The game pretty much bases itself on your ability to perform skills such as volleying, overhead kicks, penalties, free kicks, and snapshots, all of which are controlled directly by you and are performed both on the training pitch and during actual matches.

If you fancy something a little less demanding of your time, there’s always Death Penalty Football, a game that focuses exclusively on receiving the ball from corners in order to kick it at the waves of oncoming zombies that are slowly invading the pitch and working their way towards you.