Volley Challenge Games

Volley Challenge Games – For when traditional football games are just a little out of your effort range

That is Liquid Football

I’d imagine 90 minutes on the football field would be a tiring experience, though I have occasionally felt what I believe to be equally as exhausted simply watching the game on a TV screen; I can’t imagine what I would be like if I had to spend over five minutes worrying about playing a flash-based football game from beginning to end. Is it laziness? Perhaps. Is it my disregard for the sport? Almost definitely, but once all of the unnecessary parts of the sport are stripped away, what is left is actually extremely entertaining. I’m talking about the skills aspect of it, and while the match play aspect of the game can get the hell out of my face and never come back, practicing volleys is actually quite entertaining. Thank god for games which actually concentrate on nothing but this particular technique, then right? I’ll thank evolution and development of our brains of increased surface area and neural capability leading to the ability of humans to create intricate works of entertainment, actually, but the result is the same nonetheless.

Mousebreaker Monopoly

It seems that Mousebreaker yet again hold this area of the games market to ransom with their volley challenge games. The most recent of their titles, Volley Challenge 2012/2013, puts you in control of a player directly opposite the goal and requires you to time your shots in a very accurate manner in order to volley the football past defenders and a nimble goalkeeper in order to score goals in various matches. I say matches because it’s not just volleying for the sake of it, but rather you get to choose a team and help them win matches that play out in a purely statistical fashion, with the number of goals you score being recorded and deciding whether the game is won or lost. The shooting mechanism is lifted directly from Mousebreaker’s other smash-hit title Jumpers For Goalposts, but in Volley Challenge, you don’t have to bother with the whole career aspect. Phew!